Vitamin N

In November, 2010, two Oregon State University researchers, writing in American Scientist, made the case that “an ever-growing body of evidence demonstrates that most science is learned outside of school.” In “The 95 Percent Solution,” John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking write, “The ‘school-first’ paradigm is so pervasive that few scientists, educators or policy makers question it. This despite two important facts:


  • Average Americans spend less than 5 percent of their life in classrooms,
  • and an ever-growing body of evidence is demonstrating that most science is learned outside of school.

– Richard Louv, Author of “Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to Nature-Rich Life” and founder of the Children & Nature Network


YMCA Camp Carter places a big emphasis on “Screen-free” time and on spending time outdoors. Whether it is at Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Outdoor Education programs, Retreats or Horseback riding. All of our programs focus on nature and being outside. All this while being just 7 miles from the downtown of the 15th largest city in the country.


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