Counselors In Training (CIT)

Counselors in Training: Ages 16-17

Counselors in Training (CIT) is a 2-year teen leadership program for youth ages 16 & 17, who wish to increase their confidence and responsibility, and have a ton of fun with other people their own age. CIT coordinators supervise and mentor CITs throughout the program, as well as facilitate activities and evaluate the participants.


During the first year, CIT’s spend most of their time developing teamwork and leadership skills, while also learning how to interact with people of different backgrounds. Each day includes camp and CIT development activities. The CIT I program is held over two weeks where they spend Sunday, through the weekend, until the following Friday at Camp. Admission into the program requires the CIT application prior to registering. See below for admissions details.


CIT 2 is by invitation only. If CITs are invited back for their second year, their continued learning will focus on how to interact with kids who have disabilities, learn behavior management skills, and how to give a positive camp experience to children. CITs will spend their second week in a cabin with campers and a veteran counselor mentor to provide guidance while they put all the skills they have learned to work.


Ages 16 – 17


YMCA Members: $1,200 / two-week session
Non-members: $1,600 / two-week session
Deposit: $150 per child

Camp Hours:

CIT Application Process

All of those wanting to do the first or second year of the CIT program must complete an application and participate in an interview prior to being accepted into the program. Please do not register for the program until you have been accepted.