Summer Overnight Camp

At YMCA Camp Carter Overnight Camp, campers live, play and build deep bonds with their peers. Campers must rely on the others in their cabin groups to share daily responsibilities.

Overnight Camp is for ages 7-17, runs from Sunday afternoon until Friday evening and includes 15 meals and overnight accommodations in a fully climate controlled cabin that is led by a senior counselor with overnight camp experience and each unit is led by an upper class college student or graduate studying education, recreation or another appropriate field of study. Campers will spend time with their cabin group, making new friends, exploring the property and participating in all kinds of fun activities like climbing the 60′ climbing wall or hiking to see Old Man Tucker’s truck.

Cabin groups will come together as units during the week and participate in camp fires, cookouts and group competitions and games.

Everyone in camp will meet for meals, messages and devotions and to sing camp songs at the top of their lungs.

Check in starts at 2:30 – Check-out between 4-5.

$625 per week for member campers, $725 week for non members.

Summer 2020 – Come Experience the Adventure

Summer Camp 2020 Dates & Themes

Overnight Camp Week Long Session Dates (Ages 7 – 17)  – Click on the links to register.

  • Week #2 – June 7 – 12, 2020 – “Super Heroes” – Have you seen the distress call? We are looking for the next camp carter avengers. Help us save the day from the evil villain “Dr. Bordom” and his assistant “Mr. Nofun”.  Campers will create their very own superhero, be challenged as a team and individuals on different adventures.  So Dig deep into your character, explore your untapped strengths and help conquer the your summer adventure. Superheros will come together for the Super Hero Banquet and ball to wrap up the week.
  • Week #3 – June 14 –19, 2020 – “Full “STEAM” Ahead” – Definition  – used to indicate that one should proceed with as much speed or energy as possible.  Campers will be whisked away on adventures that will intrigue their creative side, allow them to build inventions as a team and explore the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math).  They will even help engineer an amazing feast and enjoy the glow party of the summer!
  • Week # 5 – June  28 – July 3, 2020 – “Amazing Race” – If you like the TV show, you will love this week. Each day we will travel to a different place working in teams and large groups. We will use all the skills we have acquired throughout the week, and be challenged in this Amazing Race. There will be detours and speed bumps along the way so be prepared for anything as you race for the Grand Prize! We will enjoy an international reception with meals inspired from around the world.
  • Week #6 – July 5 – 10, 2020   – “A’Hoy Matey’s” – Avast me hearties! We are to sail the seven seas but not on ships that we commander, but ships we build! We will have our Camp Regatta and see whose ship will be claimed by Davy Jones Locker!  Looking for the last Piece of eight? We will scavenge the grounds all week for following the map, so keep a weather eye on the horizon. Will ye be the one to find the mighty treasure? Fairwinds!  Be prepared to dress the part for our pirate festival or ye might be walkin’ the plank.
  • Week #8 – July 19 – 24, 2020  – “Wild, Wild, West” – Are you ready for a rooten tooten grand ol time?  Welcome to the Camp Carter corral.  We will go back in time and live like the old western days.  We will help find the famous outlaw hideout and rescue the loot they stole from the trading post.  Be sure and bring your best western wear for our barn dance and “chuck wagon” dinner.
  • Week #9 – July 26 – 31, 2020  – “Survivor – Color Chaos” – Its Survivor week – color chaos edition!  Will your tribe have what it takes to win challenges and the immunity Idol or will you have to go to “exile Island”.  In every aspect of camp your tribe will be doing challenges, from songs to team spirit to sports to sportsmanship!  Activities will be a week of outrageous and messy fun, kid challenge obstacle course, paint your counselor, and much, much more.  What better way to wrap up the week with a LUAU themed dinner and party.
Themes are used to provide a variety each week for campers that are attending multiple weeks. YMCA Camp Carter is a very traditional camp with lots of activities. Themes are not meant to suggest that the week is a specialty camp.



“Camp Carter has helped teach my son how to be more independent, make new friends from other walks of life, and how to make fun summer memories.” – Parent from Summer 2016

“My daughter shows more confident in herself when leaving camp. She has been going for the past 3 years and she more independent and is proud to make good choices and not easily influenced to doing bad.” – Summer 2016 Survey Comment