2020 DATES

Intro to Overnight Camp – 3 day 2 night Session – Ages 7 – 11

  • Week # 4         June 21 – 23     “Royal Treatment”
  • Week # 7         July 12– 14       “O’ the Places You’ll Go”
  • Week # 10       Aug. 2 – 4         “Olympics”

Intro to Overnight Camp is designed to introduce first time campers, ages 7-11, to the traditions and excitement of overnight camp. Intro to Overnight camp is a 3-day 2-night program that lets us increase the staff to camper ratio and slow the schedule down so that the new campers pick up the traditions and get to understand what Overnight Camp is all about.

Just like a week of regular Overnight Camp, Into to overnight campers are assigned to cabin groups with their own counselor, who stays with them throughout the session. This cabin group forms their new “family” for the stay. They eat together, sleep together and do activities together. They are also encouraged to keep their areas clean and tidy, with a little help from their counselor of course!

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