Counselor in Training (CIT)

A teen leadership program for Overnight Campers! The CIT program is a specialty 2 year program for youth ages 16 & 17, who wish to increase their confidence, become more responsible, and have a ton of fun with other people their own age. There are CIT coordinators who supervise the CIT’s, and mentor them throughout the program, as well as facilitate activities, and evaluate the participants.

CIT 1 – During the first year, CIT’s spend most of their time working on team work and leadership skills and learning how to interact with people of different backgrounds while they begin to learn and appreciate service toward others. It is not all work and learning , as their program is set up so they spend some time as a camper and other times they are engaged in the program. The CIT I program is held over 2 weeks and they are at Camp from Sunday to Friday and spend weekends at home.  Admission into the Counselor-in-training program requires the CIT application PRIOR to registering.  After your application has been accepted, you will be informed and then you can register.

CIT 2 – If they are invited back for the 2nd year, they will further these skills by learning how to interact with kids that have disabilities, learn behavior management skills, and how to give a positive camp experience to our camper community.  They will spend their second week in a cabin with campers and a veteran counselor mentor to provide guidance while they put all the skills they have learned to work.  CIT 2 – is by invitation only and is not available for Summer 2019.


CIT 1 Session 1 – June 16 –  28 (leave on Fri. 6 pm and return Sun. at 2:30 pm)

  • Week #3 – CIT 1  (Part 1)  – June 16 – 21, 2019 – (Ages 16 – 17 only *must attend both weeks)
  • Week #4 –  CIT I (Part 2) –  June 23 – 28, 2019—(Age 16—17 only *must attend both weeks)
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CIT 1 Session 2 – July 14 – 26 (leave on Fri. 6 pm and return Sun. at 2:30 pm)

  • Week #7 – CIT 1  (Part 1)  – July 14 – 19 -(Ages 16 – 17 only *must attend both weeks)
  • Week #8 –  CIT I (Part 2) –  July 21 – 26  – (Age 16—17 only *must attend both weeks)

Camp Carter CIT Application 2019

*All CIT applicants must complete an application and go through an interview process before being accepted into the program,

  1. Once the application and all 3 references are turned into the Program Operations Director, your application will be reviewed and if chosen you will be contacted to schedule an INTERVIEW.
  2. The next step you will get a letter stating whether you have been accepted into the CIT program.
  3. If you are accepted, you must register. Please do not register until you hear whether you are accepted.

Fees:   Members $900 , Non-member rate $1,100.00 (this is for the two week session)

Sign up now and make a positive difference in your community! Graduates of our LIT/CIT progression will learn the skills that can make them great counselors after they become eligible.

Please note: CIT 1 – 1st year CIT is only open to youth aged 16-17, while CIT 2 – 2nd year is invite only!

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