Team Building

From Students to Executives, we can help

YMCA Camp Carter provides a variety of Team-building programs that are customized for your group. Whether that group is a 6th grade class or a team of banking professionals, we have the knowledge, equipment and facilities to help make your team stronger.


Each team-building program is customized for your group. The group leader will work with YMCA Camp Carter staff before the event to discuss where the team is now and where the leader would like them to go. Our programs can work on communication skills, problem solving skills, trust building and even collaboration building.

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Challenge Course

Our High Challenge Course at YMCA Camp Carter, includes an Outdoor Rock Climbing Tower, Zip Line, Pirates Walk the Plank, Giant Swing, and Carter’s Leap of Faith. We also have specialty low elements, which are designed to increase teamwork, communication, and self-confidence. You tell us what you’d like to improve in your group, team, or organization, and we can tailor a program to suit you.  Or you can plan just a fun trip where everyone goes through the elements just for the fun of it.