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The first relationship and friendship that kids have is with their mother and father. But as a child grows, they meet other people and often that deep connection with a parent is lessened or lost. The YMCA Adventure Guides program takes parents and their children on a journey of discovery, with the child as the explorer and the parent as the guide. Adventure Guides encourages parents to get to know your kid while your kid is still a kid with group activities such as games, crafts, songs, stories, skits, ceremonies, and outdoor pursuits such as camping, hiking and swimming.  The one-on-one time in a fun, special environment builds important bonds through shared experiences that last a lifetime.


The Guide program was developed as a father/son program by the St. Louis YMCA in 1926 based on the family traditions of the Ojibway Indians. Those traditions focused on “a father raising his son… and giving him purpose of life.”


As the definition of family has changed in today’s society, so has the Adventure Guide Program. Today’s program builds upon the relationships of children with whomever they identify with as a parental figure, male or female.



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