Classes Offered

Owls (1 Hour)  

Students learn about owl adaptations and dissect their own heat-sterilized owl pellets to discover what owls eat in nature. Students then use this information to construct their own food chain. Students get to take skulls and bones from pellets home as souvenirs. This class must be requested at least 30 days in advance.

Animal Games (1 Hour)

Students participate in a variety of physical and interactive games in order to learn about adaptations, predator/prey relationships, carrying capacity, animal communication, migration and the five senses.

Paint A Horse (1 Hour)

Students will learn about the Trail of Painted Ponies, as well as the meaning of some of the signs Native Americans would paint on their horses, and will then be divided up into small groups where they will work together to decide upon a theme for their horse.  As a group, students will then paint one of our horses with their theme.  This is a great creative and teambuilding activity. This activity can only be done in warm weather: around 75 degrees or above.

Love Hug and Groom (2 Hours)

Students will be divided up into small groups where they will learn how to be safe while working around a horse, parts of the horse, how to lead a horse, what grooming tools are, how to groom a horse as well as some fun and interesting horse facts..  Each group will then groom their own horse.  This is a great “hands on” experience for those that may be nervous around horses and for those wanting to learn more about horses.

Writing in Nature (1 Hour)

Students utilize nature to release their imaginations and creativity, sharpen their critical and analytical thinking skills and use detailed and descriptive use of language.

Allen Trail Interpretive Hike (2 Hours)

A hike through Camp Carter’s 37 acre nature preserve. Student will learn the basics of forest ecology and the history of the land in this area.

Tucker Trail Interpretive Hike (2 Hours)

Hike along the West Fork Trinity River, up a steep hill to one of the highest points in Fort Worth, and then back down to the river. Students will observe how the river and the elevation change affect the land and its wild residents.

Wilderness Survival (2 Hour)

This class will touch on the basics of outdoor survival, encouraging students to understand the basic needs of human survival, and how they can be addressed outside in the elements.

Aquatic Study (1 Hour)

Students will collect water from Camp Carter’s 10 acre Cottonwood Lake and observe and identify the organisms they find living in its waters. They learn about food pyramids and the interdependency of organisms and why these things are important in our natural environment.

Geology (1 Hour)

Students learn about the basics of geology, the geological history of this area and then search and identify naturally occurring fossils on our fossil hill.

Predator/Prey (1 Hour)

This class teaches students the intricacies of the food web by looking through the eyes of different types of animals. Role playing as either an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore, students will see that staying alive is not as easy as it seems!



Orienteering (1 Hour)

Learn the basic parts of a compass, how to use a compass, and utilize this knowledge to navigate our orienteering course.

Scavenger Hunt (1 Hour)

Students must use a map to navigate around the camp and answer questions about Camp Carter and some of the interesting natural sites around camp.

Horse Science (2 Hour)

Students learn about the horse, its life as a wild animal and in a domestic setting, and horse care. Students also have the opportunity to “meet”, groom and tack a horse.  All trail rides are led by certified wranglers.

Archery (1 Hour)

Learn the basic skills needed in archery and the history behind the bow and arrow. Each student has the opportunity to shoot on our range.

Canoeing (1 Hour)

Students learn the parts of the canoe and proper canoe strokes, then canoe on our private lake.

Incredible Journey (1 Hour)

A shortened version of Challenge Course Lows.

Challenge Course Lows (2 Hours)

Team building initiatives which encourage cooperation, trust, and communication within groups.

Challenge Course Highs (1-3 Hours)

Excellent extension of Challenge Course Lows to build team support and encouragement of the individual. These elements are 20 feet or more off the ground. Participants wear a harness and helmet and all required safety gear is used.

Pioneer Cooking   (2 Hours)

With the help of a Naturalist, students prepare and cook an apple cobbler in a cast-iron Dutch oven, just as pioneers would have done 150-200 years ago. While the cobbler cooks, students learn what the life of a pioneering child was like during the 1800s, including chores and games. The cobbler is ready to enjoy by the end of the class!