Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at YMCA Camp Carter offers a unique opportunity for students to experience classroom lessons in a hands-on natural environment. With over 360 acres including wooded areas, hiking trails, lakes, shorelines and much more we have the perfect environment to ensure kids really get to experience the great outdoors.
We’re bringing the outdoors back in to the classroom! We have many flexible packages and options to suite your needs. While some schools come for the day, and complete our main OE curriculum classes, some will incorporate an overnight stay in our cabins, with night hikes, and other fun activities here at camp, not to mention family style cooked meals at camp’s kitchen. We have the ability and facilities to suit almost any school’s needs.
Outdoor Education at YMCA Camp Carter gives young minds the opportunity to learn, and be challenged in an outdoor, natural environment, full of wonder, adventure and excitement. Our Outdoor Educators are very passionate about what we do, our staff have backgrounds in natural sciences, education or environmental studies, and love to teach!

“I am a counselor at a school and we bring several students from our school to camp each year. We have seen our students become much more social, gain confidence and develop social skills that have made huge positive differences for them in school. Many of them are participating in clubs, sports and other activities
they would not have attempted before coming to camp. Camp Carter has made and continues to make a big difference in their lives!”

To request a school trip please go to: 2019-2020 School Booking Request

Our contact [email protected] for more information.