Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Camp

What time is drop off and pick up? Drop off is Sunday 12/27  from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Pick up is Wednesday 12/30 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Please refer to the parent handbook for further information.

Can I mail or drop off packages? Yes, drop off packages at the main office or mail them to 6200 Sand Springs Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76114 with the camper’s name on it.

Can I email my child? Yes, send emails to [email protected] .  Campers will be given the emails every day but will not be able to respond back.

What is the typical schedule? Campers wake up at 7:00 am, breakfast is at 8:00 am, lunch is at 1:00 pm and lights out is at 10:30 pm. Please refer to the parent handbook for a sample schedule.

Are meals included? Yes, all meals from dinner on the 27th to breakfast on the 30th are provided. Please contact the office if your camper has a food allergy.

Are cabins heated? Yes! All of our cabins are heated and airconditioned.

Is there a discount for siblings? No, we do not offer a sibling discount. We do offer discounts for YMCA members, military families and families of law enforcement officers.

Is there a discount for members of the Fort Worth YMCA? Yes, there is a discount for members of the YMCA of Metro Fort Worth as well as reciprocal discounts for most YMCA Associations.

What should I pack for my camper? Campers will need a set or two of clothing for each day depending on how messy they are, sheets or a sleeping bag, pajamas, a towel and other shower/hygiene products, a backpack for daily carry, a water bottle and more. You can find the full packing list in the parent handbook.

What activities do they do? We keep our campers busy with canoeing, hiking, archery, ga-ga dodgeball, team sports, our challenge course and so much more. Please refer to the parent handbook for more information.

Please call Camp Carter for any additional questions at 817-738-9241.

Alumni Events

Parent’s Overnight Out

Do I have to fill out a health form? – Yes, a completed online health form is required. If you did not complete one for Summer Camp, you will need to fill one out.

My child takes bedtime medicine, can you handle that? Absolutely, our staff for Parent’s Overnight Out are usually the same as during summer Overnight Camp. They are familiar with medicine distribution and are trained in dealing with homesickness.

What does my child need to bring? Your child will need personal items for taking a shower and their bed time routine, another towel for swimming and their bathing suit (for summer programs), appropriate dress for outside activities, a water bottle, flashlight, pajamas and clothing for the next day. Dinner Friday night and Breakfast Saturday morning is provided.

What time is drop off and pick up? Drop off is from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Friday night and pick up is from 10:00 am to 11:00 am Saturday morning.

Where do we drop off and pick up? Drop off and pick up will be at the Main office. Campers must be signed in and out of camp.

Camp Can Do

Does my child have to be visionless to attend? No, Camp Can Do is open to campers with all sorts of visual impairments; strabismus, hypoplasia, CVI, and other conditions. Very few of our campers are completely visionless.

My camper has other conditions aside from being visually impaired. Can he still come to Camp Can Do? Most likely yes. Many of our campers also have diabetes, albinism or another condition that caused their impairment.

Family Camp