Military and First Responders

“Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is protect one.” – Abraham Lincoln

The staff, board and volunteers of YMCA Camp Carter raise money each year during our Annual Campaign to make sure that those that need camp the most are able to afford camp. We believe that the family members of our armed forces and all of the first responders in our community deserve support for their sacrifices. All of the extended tours, all of the 2 AM phone calls, all of the rotating shift work, all of the things that place stress on the families in our community.


Thanks to the support of our donors, we are able to provide financial support to all of the members of our military, police, ambulance, fire departments, and EMS workers by reducing the rates on most of our program like Day Camp, Overnight Camp and Swim Lessons.

Day Camp – Regular $215 per week – Military and Responder rate $200 per week

Overnight Camp – Regular $625 per week – Military and Responder rate $550 per week

How the process works…

  • Register online for Day Camp or Overnight Camp and make your deposit
  • Contact the office at 817-738-9241
  • Provide proof of Active Service (ID, Badge, commission, Letter from department, etc)
  • The discount will be applied and a payment link will be emailed to you for the balance due

You can always contact the office with questions or assistance in registering.
Sometimes we get special grants to support specific segments of the Military or First Responder community. In those cases, the registration or application process might be different.

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