Special Horse Programs

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Let’s Ride

This class is geared towards people age 12 and up that are interested in learning a little about horses and the basics of riding. Class will include a 55 minute riding lesson that will cover mounting, dismounting, start, stop and steer and a 55 minute unmounted lesson that will cover basic safety, grooming, leading and parts of the horse. This is a GREAT way to see if you are interested in signing up for our lesson program.

Pony Express

For riders ages 4-8 and their parent. Sessions may include:  making and feeding a horse treats, learning about the 4 natural riding aids and learning how to stop, start and steer your horse, learning about grooming tools and how to groom a horse, learning the parts of the horse and learning how to measure how tall a horse is, learning how to make your horse change directions while riding, making a western themed craft, learning how to make your horse do a circle while riding, Painting a real horse and playing fun games on horseback


Pony Express 2

For riders ages 5-8 who have completed Pony Express. This is also a parent/child program. Sessions may included: RIDING:  riding over obstacles, improving steering, more advanced riding games, emphasis on balance, short trail ride, improving circles and reverses, more “independent” riding (parent walking beside rider but not leading horse)  UN-MOUNTED:  Colors and Markings, horse themed craft, general barn chores (to teach responsibility), horse height and weight, additional parts of the horse, barn/horse scavenger hunts, general costs of owning a horse

Pony Express (2)