Meet our Horses

Meet our Herd

YMCA Camp Carter Owned Horses

AJ – Brown & White Appaloosa Gelding, Born 2001 (Donated by the Bond Family)

Anna – Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare, Born 2001 (Donated by Meredith Blackwell)

Emma – Bay with White Stripe Quarter Horse Mare, Born 2004 (Donated by Linda Graves)

GiGi – Sorrel Paint (solid) Mare, Born 2000 (Donated by Ray Cornelius and HSNT)

Gypsy – Bay Paint Mare, Born 2001 (Donated by Mary Haltom)

Pirate– Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding, Born 2014 (Donated by Chris Jacobs)

Pippy –

Poncho – Palomino Appaloosa (POA) Gelding, Born 2000 (Donated by Suzette Jolley)

Rita – Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare, Born 1994 (Donated by Necla Goodfellow)

Silverado – Grey Flea Bitten Quarter Horse Gelding, Born 1989 (Donated by Dale Robbins)

Tex – Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding, Born 2007 (Donated by Holly Millett)

Daisy– Pinto Paso Fino Horse Mare, Born 2003

Moose – Dark Brown Gelding Miniature Shetland, Born 2012

Sunshine –

Nemo –


Other Horses in the Barn

Rio – Bay White Paint Mare, Born 2001 (Owned by Anna Brett Hyde)

Rayn – Flea Bitten Grey Appendix Quarter Horse Mare, Born 2008 (Owned by Chris Jacobs)

Ruby – Sorrel Paint Quarter Horse Cross Mare, Born 2009 (Owned by Chris Jacobs)

Tatum – Line Back Dunn Quarter Horse Mare, Born 2011 (Owned by Chris Jacobs)

Sierra – Sorrel Appendix Mare, Born 2003 (Owned by Ashley Cummings and Lindsay Olsen)

Cooper – Bay and White Mini Horse Gelding, Born 2003 (Owned by Victoria Price)

Stetson –

Sunni –

Image –

Others critters around the Barn

Talula Bell – Grey American Donkey

Billy – White Goat

Gizmo – Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

and of course the barn cat… Cheeto