We treat your horse, like our horses!


We have limited number of stalls available for outside boarding.  Our facilities include a nice sized stall, covered arena, lighted outdoor arena, wash rack, short trails on our property and easy access to the Trinity River Trail system.  The beginning boarding rate is $350.00 per month per horse and includes up to 1 scoop of premium pelleted feed twice a day and access to horse quality round bale in the pasture.


You can even add your horse to our farrier and vet appointments (owner responsible for payment of farrier and vet services).  Additional services-such as additional grain, daily de-wormer, a different kind of grain and/or shavings may be available for an additional cost.


Horses are only in stalls to eat and are then turned out with the herd unless there is an injury, illness or weather reason.  No stallions allowed.  We maintain a family friendly and most importantly a kid friendly barn so all boarders must complete an annual background check and follow barn guidelines.


Please contact us at 817-626-0902 or [email protected] for more information and to set up a tour of our facilities.

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“I have absolutely loved my time there, and I truly appreciate how much you have helped me with my horse. If I ever need a place to board again I will 100% be coming back, because I love the facility and the staff… You have all been a tremendous help to me and I know my horse loved it there as well!” – Recently departed boarder who is selling horse because of health reasons

“We won’t be gone for long (provided available spot at the YMCA). The YMCA will always be our home. My horse and I wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the time, effort, and love put into the big guy when he arrived. He’s grown and progressed so far. Thank you guys for everything.” – Another recently departed boarder