Teambuilding for Youth to Executives!

People are your organization’s most valuable resource. Whether it’s a sales team, a sports team, corporate professionals, school group, or a church group, your organization’s success depends on its members working together as a cohesive and motivated group. That is where our programs come in.

GRIT is our Adult Teambuilding Program. Through GRIT,  we focus on Growing Relationship, Improving Teams, and having Unifying Fun! We desire to provide you and your team an opportunity to have fun, grow relationally, and improve together as one.

GRIT Information Packet

IMPACT is our Youth Teambuilding Program. Our goal is to show the impact that youth can have on themselves and those around them. IMPACT focuses on Growing Relationship, Improving Teams, Social Interactions, and having Unifying Fun!

IMPACT Information Packet

Both programs have been thoroughly studied, researched, and practiced to create programs that are scientifically, socially, and psychologically proven to achieve our goal. Through our programs, you will learn how to increase clear communication, move forward in unity, problem solve as a whole, implement applications from learning opportunities, better understand how you as an individual and your team as a whole function and the parts you play, and how to create community through hardships, growths, and fun. Join us today as we help you take your team to the next level of success!

Our High Challenge Course at YMCA Camp Carter includes an Alpine Tower, Rock Climbing Tower, Zip Line, Giant Swing, and Leap of Faith. We also have specialty low elements, which are designed to increase teamwork, communication, and self-confidence. You tell us what you’d like to improve in your group, team or organization and we can tailor a program to suit you–even if it is just a trip for the plan of it!


To learn more about our Teambuilding options, please email [email protected].